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ADP English


The Associate Degree Program (ADP) degree in English at Iqra University is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a fulfilling career in the field of English Linguistics and Literature. In addition to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, this program will also help students develop their communication and interpersonal skills, critical thinking abilities, and decision-making prowess.

With this degree, graduates will be able to effectively apply their knowledge to solve complex problems and add value to their respective fields. They will possess the ability to analyze literary works and produce high-quality research, making them invaluable assets to academic organizations. Moreover, this degree will enable them to play a crucial role in the overall operation of any organization they work with.

Learning Outcomes 

Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will be familiar and be able to:


  • Demonstrate the capacity to write and speak clearly, read perceptively, and think critically.

  • Students will be prepared for success in teaching professions and careers outside academe that require advanced analytical and communication skills.

  • Students will demonstrate a broad and integrated knowledge of literary history, theory, and pedagogy.

Entry Criteria 

Intermediate Pre – Engineering / Pre- Medical / Science General / Commerce with passing marks or equivalent 

Associate Degree Programs 

Progression: The students, after obtaining the degree may continue their studies towards BS (4-year) program and the relevant qualified courses will be exempted/transferred, accordingly.

Functional English
Introduction to Computer Science
Introduction to Sociology
Pakistan Studies
Introduction to English Literature
Introduction to Linguistics
Academic & Professional Writing
Research Project II
Communication Skills
Islamic Studies
Morphology & Syntax
Personal Development
Contemporary Literature
Phonetics & Phonology
Literary Criticism and Theory
Research Methods
Research Project I
World History
World Literature
Literary Movements
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