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Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences 

Dr Irfan Ullah.jpg

Dr. Irfan Ullah

Qualifications:  PhD

Designation:  Associate Professor  & HOD

Specialization:  Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Epidemiology, Infectious disease


I Dr. Irfan Ullah, have secured a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan and possess sound experience of teaching, research and training. I have also worked with many national and international organizations in Pakistan.

I am independent as well as a team worker and have excellent communications and technical writing skills indicated by my publications in high impact factor (IF) journals. I have 2 patents and published 15 papers in LANCET (IF 202), 4 in NATURE (IF 69), 4 in LANCET Neurology (IF 60), 5 in Lancet Infectious Diseases (IF 71) etc having more than 5000 impact factor and 62655 citations and many more are accepted/ submitted in different journals like New England Journal of Medicine, NATURE, LANCET etc. I have completed 2 Research Projects 


Dr. Jadoon Khan 

Qualifications: Ph.D Microbiology 

Designation:  Assistant Professor & Deputy HoD, Allied and Health Sciences

Specialization:  Medical Microbiology/Infectious Diseases

Dr. Jadoon Khan, is a distinguished researcher and academician, holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and serves as an Assistant Professor. With a profound understanding of infectious disease epidemiology, diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutic development, Dr. Jadoon Khan is recognized for his significant contributions to the field of infectious diseases. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his role, inspiring the next generation of scientists and researchers through his expertise and dedication to the field of Allied Health Sciences.

Dr Zulfiqar.jpg

Dr Zulfiqar ul Hassan

Qualifications:  PhD, FCPS, MS, MD, MBBS.

Designation:  Professor Allied Health Sciences

SpecializationPhD in Medicine FCPS,                MS in General Surgery

Dr. Zulfiqar Baloch, experienced general surgeon. With a passion for delivering comprehensive patient care, he is dedicated to providing exceptional surgical outcomes and ensuring the well-being of his patients.

Anam Aman

Dr. Anam Aman

Qualifications:  Ph.D. (Food Science), Mphil (Food & Nutrition)

Designation:  Assistant Professor

Specialization:   Health, Food & Nutrition

Dr. Anam Aman has obtained her doctoral degree in Food Science from University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia with research exposure in Clinical Nutrition, Nutritional Biochemistry & Nutritional Biotechnology. She has been attached to academia since 5 years. She holds strong background of clinical practice, research and teaching in nutrition field.

Saba Gul.jpg

Dr. Asghar Ali Shah (Adjunct Faculty)

Qualifications:  Ph.D in Psychology

Designation:  Associate Professor

Specialization:   Clinical Psychology

Dr. Asghar Ali Shah, an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology with an extensive academic background and over three decades of professional experience. Holding a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, their wealth of knowledge spans a broad spectrum, encompassing both theoretical expertise and practical applications. With 33 years of dedicated commitment to the field, this seasoned professional brings a wealth of insight, research, and a passion for advancing the understanding and application of clinical psychology in both academic and real-world settings.

In academia, supervised more than 100 M Phil and 10 PhDs in relevant discipline and conducted psychotherapeutic sessions of several hundred  psychiatric patients with successful rehabilitation.

DR Farwa Abid.jpg

Dr Farwa Abid

Qualifications:  DPT, MPhill.

Designation:  Senior lecturer

Specialization:  Neurological Muskoloskeletal physical therapy

Dr. Farwa has 8 years of excellence in academic and clinical field of profession.she has performed and fulfilled according to her designation with above ten national and international PUBLICATIONS. Her research work is published in known journal of medicine in United States of America.

Rabiya Naz.jpg

Ms. Rabiya Naz

Qualifications:  M.S Community Health and Nutrition

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Health and Nutrition

With a master’s degree in human nutrition and Dietetics, Rabiya Naz is a qualified professional with eight years of academic and clinical work experience in the field of nutrition and health. Her vast expertise and unwavering dedication to enhancing wellbeing establish her as a reliable authority in the domain. Rabiya has a decade of experience in the field and a strong academic background. She is skilled at converting nutritional research into workable solutions for people who want to live better lives. Her broad knowledge makes her an ardent supporter of healthy eating and overall wellbeing.

Saba Naz.jpg

Saba Riaz

Qualifications:  MS Clinical Psychology

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Clinical Psychology

Saba Riaz is currently working as Lecturer in Department of Allied Health Sciences at Iqra University, Chak Shahzad Campus, Islamabad. She has a year of professional experience in lectureship. The main area of teaching, at undergraduate level, includes introduction to psychology, psychotherapy, clinical psychology, and research methods in psychology. She published articles at the national and international level in peer reviewed journals. Her areas of interest in research are Clinical Psychology, depression, personality, post paternal depression, suicide and eating disorders related to university students.

Saba Gul.jpg

Dr. Anwaar Ahmed

Qualifications: PhD

Designation:  Professor

Specialization:  Food Technology

Dr. Anwaar Ahmed is a creative and self-driven professional with over three decades of experience in leading roles in academia, agriculture research, and extension in the public sector and international development organizations.

Dr Hashir.jpg

Dr. Syed Hashir Ali

Qualifications:  Master of Science in Sports Medicine

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  General Practitioner/ Physiotherapy

Dr. Hashir Ali, pen name is Dr Ali, General Practitioner/ Physiotherapist with a keen understanding of the human diseases and their interventions, he is dedicated to making a positive impact in the field.

Dr. Maryiam Sulaim.jpg

Dr. Maryam Sulaiman

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Neuro Muscular Physical Therapy

Dr. Maryam Sulaiman, with 5 plus year of experience, having consistently integrated innovative teaching methods, emphasizing real-world applications and evidence-based practices and committed to creating an inclusive learning environment and mentoring students has been recognized for fostering academic excellence.

Zuha Tahir.jpg

Zuha Tahir

Qualifications:  Bachelor in Radiology Technology, MS in Health Care Management

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization: Radiology

Zuha Tahir, a seasoned professional in the field of radiology, holds a master’s degree in the subject and boasts two years of valuable work experience. Her academic background, culminating in a Master of Science, reflects her dedication to the intricacies of radiology. With a wealth of practical knowledge and a commitment to the well-being of individuals, Zuha brings a unique blend of academic prowess and hands-on expertise to her work in the field.

Eshwa Awan.jpg

Eshwa Awan

Qualifications:  Master of Science in Microbiology

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Microbiology

I pursued a career in Microbiology. I earned BS (Hons) in medical laboratory Technology from Azad Jammu & Kashmir university Muzaffarabad, and then MS in Microbiology from Abasyn university Islamabad. I served for more than 4 years in various capacities of renowned organizations including educational and research organizations.

Farwa Aslam.jpg

Farwa Aslam

Qualifications:  Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Clinical Psychology

Farwa Aslam, a seasoned professional in the field of clinical psychology, holds a master’s degree in the subject and boasts three years of valuable work experience. Her academic background, culminating in a Master of Science, reflects her dedication to the intricacies of psychology. With a wealth of practical knowledge and a commitment to the well-being of individuals, Farwa brings a unique blend of academic prowess and hands-on expertise to her work in the field.

Iqra Khalid .jpg

Ms Iqra Khalid

Qualifications:  MS Clinical Psychology

Designation:  Lecturer AHS 

Specialization:  Clinical Psychology

Iqra Khalid, possessing a Master's of Science in Clinical Psychology, is a distinguished professional and gold medalist in BS Psychology. As a dedicated lecturer in psychology, she channels her comprehensive academic background and expertise to create an inspiring and intellectually stimulating learning atmosphere. Ms. Iqra commitment to academic excellence and her passion for psychological education make her an invaluable asset to our faculty, contributing significantly to the development of aspiring minds in the field.

Kainat Masood.jpg

Kainat Masood

Qualifications:  MS Microbiology and immunology (BEd)

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:   Microbiology, pathology and biochemistry

I am lecturer in AHS Dept have more then 4 years teaching experience working in iqra uni from 10 Sep 2022 currently teaching Pathology, biochemistry ,human physiology and blood banking in this semester.

DR Asif.jpg

Dr. Asif Jamil

Qualifications:  Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Designation:  Lecturer

Specialization:  Dental Surgery

Dr. Asif Jamil is a distinguished Dental Surgeon and Lecturer, seamlessly integrating clinical expertise with educational excellence. With a wealth of experience in both surgical practice and academia, Dr. Asif is recognized for his commitment to advancing dental education. His dual roles reflect a passion for bridging the gap between practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Dr. Jamil's contributions make him a respected figure at the forefront of dental surgery and education.

Misbah Shakeel

Misbah Shakeel

Qualifications:  MS Neuromuscular Physical therapy

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:   Neuromuscular Physical therapy

Misbah Shakeel, MS in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy, lectures for 2.5 years and boasts 3 years of practical expertise. Specializing in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy, their knowledge covers neurological and muscular rehabilitation. Blending academic insight with hands-on experience, Misbah contributes significantly to healthcare and academia, offering expertise in neuromuscular therapy for theoretical education and practical application.

Sonia Basharat

Qualifications:  MS Biomedical Sciences

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Radiology

As a qualified academician and Radiology Technologist with more than 3 years’ experience in both academia and industry, she has not only been teaching Medical Imaging fundamentals and advanced modalities but also been assisting NM Physicians and Radiologists to make an accurate diagnosis for their patients’ conditions. She has a keen interest in AI, particularly, machine learning applications in medical imaging which reflects in her masters’ research work on PET/CT images, segmenting tumors and lymph nodes using automated methods. She has excellent work experience in the field of Imaging Technology which covers Academics, Research and Clinical domains. 

Sonia Basharat.jpg
Alina Syed.jpg

Alina Syed

Qualifications:  MS Molecular Genetics

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:   Molecular Genetics and Medical Pathology

Alina Syed, MS in Molecular Genetics and a Lecturer in AHS, brings 3.5 years of practical expertise. Specializing in Molecular Genetics and Medical Pathology, her knowledge spans genetic mechanisms and medical diseases. With a solid academic foundation and hands-on experience, she offers valuable insights into clinical implications. Alina's expertise suits research, pathology, or academic roles, enriching these fields with her practical and theoretical proficiency.

Tanveer Aslam.jpg

Muhammad Tanveer Aslam

Qualifications:  MS/MPHIL Management Sciences

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Human Nutrition & Dietetics

Muhammad Tanveer Aslam, an accomplished professional with an MPhil. in Food and Nutrition, boasts three years of comprehensive academic teaching and clinical dietitian experience. His expertise lies in the intricate field of diabetic foot ulcer research, showcasing a profound commitment to advancing healthcare.

Saba Gul.jpg

Dr. Nadeem Ul Hassan Mohani

Qualifications:  PhD 

Designation: Associate Professor

Specialization: Pharmacology

Dr. Nadeem Ul Hassan Mohani, an Associate Professor in Pharmacy, equipped with a Ph.D. in the field and boasting an impressive 30-year career. This seasoned professional combines a solid academic foundation with extensive practical experience in the realm of pharmacy. With three decades of dedication to the discipline, they bring a wealth of knowledge, research acumen, and a deep understanding of pharmaceutical sciences. Their expertise positions them as a valuable asset in advancing both academic scholarship and the practical application of pharmacy within the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.

Gul Rehman.jpg

Dr. Gul Rehman Elmi

Qualifications:  Pharm D., M.Phil., PhD Scholar

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)

Dr. Gul Rehman Elmi is a Pharm D graduate from Hamdard University and completed M. Phil in Pharmaceutics from Riphah International University in 2019. Currently He is doing PhD from Riphah International University with research on Magnetic Gold Nanohybrids for Osteoarthritis. He has experience in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry including Sales and marketing in renowned Pharma of Pakistan, the Getz Pharma. Furthermore, he has 4 years teaching experience and working as a permanent faculty at the Department of Pharmacy, Iqra University, Chak Shahzad campus, Islamabad, since last two years.

Zunaria Syed.jpg

Dr. Zunaira Syed

Qualifications:  M.Phil (Pharmacology), Pharm.D

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmacology

Dr. Zunaira Syed is an enthusiastic, skilled and well-motivated pharmacy graduate, seeking a challenging position with opportunities for personal and professional growth. She is able to maintain an exceptional rate of productivity, accuracy and efficiency. Proactive approach with outstanding time-management and organizational abilities to provide exceptional staff support. She has a research article with high-impact factor in international journals

Maria Rasheed.jpg

Dr. Maria Rasheed

Qualifications:  Master in Philosophy

Designation: Lecturer

Dr. Maria Rasheed is working as a lecturer at the Department of Pharmacy IQRA University, Chak Shehzad, Islamabad Campus. She is a silver medalist and roll of honor achiever in MPhil. She has conducted her research at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center. Currently, she has more than twelve publications in high-impact factor international journals.

Ayesha Rasheed.jpg

Dr. Ayesha Rasheed

Qualifications:  MPhil in Pharmacognosy, Pharm D

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmacognosy

Dr. Ayesha Rasheed is now serving as a Lecturer, contributing her expertise and passion to the academic realm. With a background in Pharmacognosy, Ayesha is dedicated to creating an engaging and supportive learning environment. Her commitment to academic excellence, coupled with a fervor for teaching, makes her an invaluable asset in guiding students through their educational journey.

Serash Ali.jpg

Sehrish Ali

Qualifications:  M phill pharmaceutics

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmaceutics


Saba Gul .jpg

Dr. Saba Gul

Qualifications:  Master in philosophy

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmaceutics

Dr.Saba Gul is lecturer at Pharmacy Department. She has obtained her Pharm-D degree from Hamdard University Islamabad Campus. She has obtained her Master in philosophy in Pharmaceutics from Riphah International University, Islamabad. She has conducted her research on topic Formulation and evaluation of simvastatin emulgel for anti-inflammatory and diabetic wound healing effects

Ayesha Umar.jpg

Ayesha Umer

Qualifications:  M phill Pharmaceutics, PHD scholar

Designation: Senior lecturer

Specialization: Pharmaceutics


Dr Zainab Qureshi.jpg

Dr. Zainab Qureshi

Qualifications:  MS

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmacognosy

  • Working as an Assistant Professor in Iqra University Chak Shahzad Campus, Islamabad.

  • Worked as an Assistant Professor in Women Institute of Learning Abbottabad

  • Worked as lecturer in Pakistan Institute of Professional Studies Abbottabad.

  • Worked as an internee in Shukat Khanum Memorial Cancer hospital, trainee pharmacist in Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbotabad and Worked as internee in Shifa International Hospital Islamabad.

  • Worked as trainee Pharmacist in different section of production like Tablets, capsule, Dry suspension and Quality control in Benson Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd.

  • Supervised 35 undergratue students in different projects of Clinical pharmacy.

Saba Gul.jpg

Dr. Shamaila Hanif

Qualifications:  MS

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmacognosy


Saba Gul.jpg

Dr. Syeda Tayyaba Batool Kazmi

Qualifications:  MS

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmacognosy


Nimra Inayat.jpg

Ms. Nimra Inayat

Qualifications:  BSC (Hons.) Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Master of Science in Public Health

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Food & Nutrition, Public Health

.With a master’s in public health, Nimra Inayat is a dedicated dietitian committed to promoting optimal health and well-being with 3 years of experience helping patients handle chronic medical problems through effective medical nutrition therapy. With expertise in public health strategies, Nimra combines a passion for nutritional science with a holistic approach to empower individuals and communities to achieve sustainable and balanced lifestyles.

Hajra BiBi.jpg

Hajra Bibi

Qualifications:  MSN, MAS, PRN, RN, RM

Designation: Assistant Professor/Head of Department, Nursing

Specialization: Nursing Education

Bibi Hajira, a dedicated educator, and head of the nursing department, passionately advances nursing education through groundbreaking research. Her commitment to fostering an environment of excellence and collaboration is evident in her leadership, pushing the boundaries of conventional practices. Bibi's vision is to elevate nursing education, equipping students with essential skills and contributing to the growth of the healthcare profession.

Muhammad Mubashar.jpg

Muhammad Mubashar

Qualifications:  PRN BSN

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Critical Care Nursing

Muhammad Mubashar, lecture Nursing Graduate in nursing, recently joined department of nursing Iqra University. He is well experienced both in teaching and clinical area. He is dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of nursing.

Rubina Namat.jpg

Rubina Namat

Qualifications:  Post RN B.Sc. N

Designation: Lecturer

Background Summary: Ms. Rubina is a dedicated Nursing Lecturer with a profound passion for healthcare profession with a background enriched by extensive clinical experience. She brings a wealth of practical knowledge into her teaching methodlology.


Samabia Abdul Subhan

Qualifications:  BSN

Designation: Lecturer

Samabia Abdul Subhan, a seasoned nursing lecturer, possesses a diverse background rooted in both clinical expertise and academic proficiency. With years of experience in healthcare settings, She is seamlessly integrates practical knowledge into her teaching approach, fostering a dynamic and insightful learning environment.Her commitment to the excellence in nursing education continues to inspire and shape the aspirations of future healthcare professionals.

Saba Gul.jpg

Sara David

Qualifications:  BSN

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Nursing


Saba Gul.jpg

Ms. Sehrish Aftab Abbassi

Qualifications:  MSC

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: HND


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