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Business Administration 

Dr Sayyed Adnan Shabbir
HoD Business Administration


Dr Sayyed Adnan Shabbir

Qualifications:  PhD

Designation:  Associate Professor  & HOD

Specialization:  Relationship Marketing

Dr. Shabbir is a passionate and dedicated educator with a robust teaching portfolio, industry experience, and research background. He has successfully supervised 17 MS students in marketing. In addition, he has number of research publications to his credit, besides acting as a reviewer for local and international journals.  Dr. Shabbir is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and is also a Member of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) WG on Sustainability Mindset. In addition, he also serves as a Mentor for Public Relations, Inclusion, Support, and Mentoring (PRISM) – a mentoring  initiative brought by PRCAs  Race Ethnicity Equity Board (REEB), UK.  His research interests include relationship marketing, consumer happiness, and customer advocacy.

Dr. Muhammad Amin.jpg

Dr. Muhammad Amin

Qualifications:  PhD       

Designation:  Assistant Professor

Specialization:  Business Management

Dr. Muhammad Amin, with a robust academic background and a specialization in Business Management, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our institution. His research interests and teaching methodologies are centered around the latest advancements in business practices, making significant contributions to both the academic community and the professional field. Dr. Amin's dedication to excellence in education and his innovative approach to business management have established him as a valuable asset to our university.

Dr. Asghar Riaz.jpg

Dr. Asghar Riaz

Qualifications:  PhD

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Finance 

Dr. Asghar Riaz is a dedicated lecturer at Iqra University's Chak Shahzad campus, Islamabad. He holds a Ph.D. degree in finance and has an extensive teaching experience of 17 years. His expertise in the field of finance makes him a valuable asset to the university and an exceptional mentor for his students.

Khurram Jawad.jpg

Mr. Khurram Jawad

Qualifications:  MS 

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Accounting & Finance 

A highly motivated and experienced MS Finance professional with 6 years of teaching experience in Management Sciences. My key skills include Teaching, Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling, Data Analysis and Research. I have successfully taught a variety of Management Sciences courses at renowned institutions in the region, covering subjects such as Financial Management, Investment Management, Risk Management, and International Finance. My commitment to delivering quality education is reflected in my comprehensive skill set and proven track record in academia.

Zia Ur Rehman.jpg

Mr. Ziaur- Rahman

Qualifications:  MS Islamic Studies, PhD (Continue)

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Islamic Studies

Educational professional accomplished in organizing teacher curricula, assisting with lessons and collaborating with other professionals to help students confidently reach their highest potential regarding Islamic values and norms.

Amna Zahoor.jpg

Ms. Amna Zahoor 

Qualifications:  MS/MPhil

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:   Business Administration 


Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed.jpg

Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed Malik

Qualifications:  PhD

Designation:  Assistant Professor

Specialization:  Marketing/Digital Marketing

Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed Malik is a distinguished professional merging eight years of senior banking management with a pivotal role at the Higher Education Commission as a project manager. Transitioning seamlessly, he has devoted the past 2-3 years to full-time research and teaching in Higher Education Institutions. With a rich teaching background as an adjunct faculty member since 2010, his expertise extends to acclaimed publications in esteemed business, marketing, and management journals. Dr. Malik embodies a versatile blend of managerial experience, educational leadership, and scholarly excellence.


Dr. Saqib Yusaf        

Qualifications:  PhD

Designation:  Associate Professor

Specialization:  Management (HRM)

Dr. Saqib has over 17 years of professional experience as an HR expert, academician, consultant, researcher, and administrator in academia and industry. He has published around 25 research papers in international (IF, ISI, ABDC, Scopus index) and national (X category) journals and supervise MS and PhD thesis. As a professional trainer, he has delivered training sessions including day-long workshops and seminars to the university and industry professionals on HR, Leadership, HR Analytics Public Procurement, Business Analytics, Project Management and Management related topics. He has also worked as consultant in a USAID funded project named


Dr. Shazia Bukhari

Qualifications:  PhD

Designation:  Assistant Professor 

Specialization:  Applied Linguistics

Dr. Shazia Bukhari. is a highly accomplished Assistant Professor at Iqra University's Chak Shahzad campus, Islamabad. She holds a prestigious PhD degree in Applied Linguistics, which showcases her expertise in the field. With an impressive 13 years of teaching and research experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of her subject matter. Her dedication to education and commitment makes her an invaluable asset to the university.


Ms. Vardah Ali Khan

Qualifications:  MS/MPHIL Management Sciences

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Finance 

Worked as Teaching Research Assistant of Ms/Phd program at case university for the period of one year also worked in Banking sector for 4 years.


Ms. Sehar Khlaid

Qualifications:  Mphil Statistics

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Statistics

She completed her Mphil from Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi in 2016. Since then, she has been working there as a visiting lecturer. Also, she has been teaching various online courses regarding data analysis and worked a tutor in Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad.

Imtiaz Khan.jpg

Mr. Imtiaz Khan

Qualifications:  M.Phil, M.Sc (IR)

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:   Pakistan Studies 

A seasoned academic professional with more than 9 years of expertise in teaching, research, and administration at esteemed domestic and international institutions. Demonstrates proficiency in guiding students from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Exhibits outstanding administrative, research, verbal communication, and written skills.

Faculty (4).jpg

Dr. Javid Iqbal Saani

Qualifications:  PhD

Designation:  Professor 

Specialization:  Information Management 

Professor Iqbal is a prominent thinker, pioneer of Islamic Management Theory and the experts have rated his work as “Groundbreaking” in the field of Islamic Management Theory (IMT).

He has served at Asia e University Malaysia, Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK), International Islamic University, Islamabad, and AJ&K University Muzaffarabad. Prof Iqbal has the distinction of sharing his knowledge in the UK, Switzerland, Albania, Malaysia, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Cayman Islands, and South Africa. He has 102 publications to his credit. Professionals have downloaded more than 70,000 copies of his work from the ResearchGate so far. His work is being utilised in hundreds of institutions around the world. He has also made available 104 items on his YouTube channel.

Urooj Zulfiqar.jpg

Dr. Urooj Zulfiqar

Qualifications:  PhD

Designation:  Assistant Professor 

Specialization:  Tourism Marketing

Dr. Urooj Zulfiqar is an Experienced, passionate & always seek challenges which can enhance her analytical and managerial skills. She demonstrated numerous times throughout the years that she is a great team player with excellent communication skills and the vital ability to function in a fast-paced and deadline-driven environment. She has vast experience of research and its orientation.

Dr. Noman Omer Sattar.jpg

Dr. Noman Omar Sattar

Qualifications: PhD

Designation:  Professor 

Specialization:  Government and International Studies

Dr. Noman Omar Sattar is an eminent authority in Government and International Studies, leveraging nearly four decades of expertise to illuminate complex geopolitical dynamics. His extensive research, combined with practical experience, enriches his teaching and empowers students to navigate the intricacies of global politics with insight and nuance. As a distinguished professor, Dr. Noman's commitment to scholarly rigor and intellectual engagement continues to shape the minds of future leaders in the field.

Hina Manzoor.jpg

Ms. Hina Manzoor

Qualifications:  MPhil Statistics + M. Ed

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Statistics

She did MPhil Statistics from Arid Agriculture University in 2019 and M. Ed from AIOU in 2020. She worked as a Visiting Faculty Lecturer in Arid Agriculture University from March 2020 till Sep 2023 in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics. She also has been working as Resource Person/Tutor in AIOU since September 2021.

Madiha Mohiuddin.jpg

Ms. Madiha Mohi U Din 

Qualifications:  MS Mathematics

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Numerical Analysis

I am a punctual and motivated individual who is able to work in a busy environment and produce high standards of work. I am an excellent team worker and am able to take instructions from all levels and build up good working relationships with all colleagues. I am flexible, reliable and possess excellent time keeping skills.

Sadia Ayub.jpg

Dr. Sadia Ayub

Qualifications:  PhD

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Mathematics.


Rabbia Khan.jpg

Ms. Rabbia Khan

Qualifications:  MS

Designation:  Lecturer

Specialization:  English Literature and Linguistics

Ms. Rabbia Khan holds a Master of Science degree in English Linguistics and Literature from University College Malaysia. This advanced academic achievement reflects her deep understanding and expertise in the intricate dynamics of the English language and its literary forms. Her graduate studies at University College Malaysia have provided her with a robust foundation in both linguistic theory and literary analysis, enhancing her ability to teach and mentor students in the field. With a strong academic background and a passion for the English language, she brings a comprehensive and insightful perspective to her role.

Ms. Sadia Kanwal

Qualifications:  MS

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  English  

Ms. Sadia Kanwal has dedicated 19 years to teaching, instruction, and training, working with students at higher education institutes and universities. With advanced degrees in English Language and Linguistics, she possesses a diverse set of skills, including proficiency in pragmatics, language analysis, academic and business writing, and communication skills.

She has attended workshops on language skills and teaching conducted by Oxford and Cambridge Universities and participated in international conferences on linguistics and pragmatics. Her extensive career in teaching and exposure to various institutions has enabled her to excel in her field and effectively impart knowledge.

Sadia Kanwal.jpg
Asfandiyar Khan.jpg

Mr. Asfandiyar Khan

Qualifications:  MS

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  International Relations

Mr. Asfandiyar Khan is an exemplary lecturer within the esteemed Business Administration Department. Holding an MS degree in International Relations from COMSATS University, he augments his role with a year of specialized experience. Mr. Asfandiyar is acclaimed for his exceptional pedagogical skills and unwavering dedication to academic prowess. His profound expertise in international relations, synergized with his fervent commitment to the domain of business administration, profoundly enhances the educational journey of his students.


Mr. Javeedul Islam

Qualifications:  M. Phil

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Linguistics

Mr. Javeedul Islam is an accomplished English lecturer with an MPhil degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Lahore with a distinction of Silver Medal. His expertise spans across various genres of linguistics, encompassing Phonetics and Phonology, Intercultural Communication, and Language Revitalization. Currently, he is working on the research project of revitalization of the endangered lexicon of the Khowar language.

Faculty (2).jpg

Ms. Nadia Daud

Qualifications:  MS

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization: Human Resource Management

Ms. Nadia Daud is a dedicated lecturer in the Business Administration Department at Iqra University Chak Shahzad Campus in Islamabad. With 6 years of teaching experience under her belt, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. She has received her MS degree in Human Resource Management, enhancing her understanding of the field. Her dedication to her students and passion for business administration make her a valuable asset to the university.


Ms. Fatima Nazir

Qualifications:  MBA 18 years 

Designation:  Assistant Professor

Specialization:  Development Administration

Ms. Fatima Nazir. holds the esteemed position of Assistant Professor at Iqra University's Chak Shahzad campus, Islamabad. She completed her Master of Science (MSc) degree in Development Administration from the renowned University College London, UK, demonstrating her dedication to academic excellence. With her profound knowledge and expertise, she contributes significantly to the field of education and serves as an exemplary mentor for her students.

Aqsa Bibi.jpg

Ms. Aqsa Bibi 

Qualifications:  MS, PhD (continue)

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization: Accounting & Finance

With a solid foundation in finance, the individual has successfully completed a Bachelor's degree in Accounting & Finance and a Master's degree in Finance. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Finance at Bahria University Islamabad, their academic journey reflects a dedicated commitment to advancing expertise in the field. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of financial principles, this individual seeks to contribute valuable insights and research to the realm of finance through their doctoral studies.


Ms. Asma Zahoor 

Qualifications:  MS/Mphil

Designation:  Lecturer 

Specialization:  Governance and Public Policy

Ms. Asma Zahoor is a dedicated academic with a fervent interest in governance and public policy. She possesses an M. Phil degree, which has enriched her teaching with a deep and comprehensive understanding of her field. With a commendable tenure of five years in teaching, Ms. Zahoor is committed to instilling inspiration and empowerment in her students, fostering their development as future leaders in their respective domains.

Renowned as a beacon of knowledge and mentorship, Ms. Zahoor’s pedagogical approach is designed to nurture the intellectual growth of her students. Her dedication to education and mentorship ensures that her students are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in both academic and professional environments.

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