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As part of the university’s goal of encouraging students to reach their maximum potential, recognition is given to all those students who show outstanding performance in their academics. The university supports this level of achievement and rewards students whose performance merits special attention.

  1. Students achieving 4 GPA will be offered a scholarship of 60% of the fee for that semester. Provided they have a CGPA of 3.5 or more.

  2. Students acquiring 3.75 GPA to 3.99 GPA will be offered a scholarship of 40% of the fee for that semester provided they have a CGPA of 3.5 or more.

  3. Students achieving GPA 3.5 to 3.74 will be offered a scholarship of 20% of the fee for that semester provided they have a CGPA of 3.5 or more.

  4. The above scholarships will be admissible to students against whom there is no disciplinary proceeding pending and they have taken at least the following credit hours:-

    1. For a Bachelor program at least 15 credit hours.

    2. For a Masters program 12 credit hours.

    3. For MS Programs in Media & Engineering 9 credit hours( if offering is not more than 9 credit hours).

    4. Note : Research Project(s) and Theses shall not be included in Cr.Hr count.

  5. The total number of scholarships will not exceed 10% of the total number of students enrolled in that semester in that particular program.

  6. These scholarships are offered on semester basis only and a list is prepared after the announcement of every semester result.

  7. If the total number of applicants exceeds 10% then a merit list will be prepared.

  8. A separate list of scholarship recipients will be prepared for each program.



All students are required to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5 to graduate. They are expected to remove any deficiencies from their academic record and clear all the outstanding dues. Students who fail to clear their dues or has failed to pass all the necessary academic requirements, will not be issued their degrees and final transcripts.

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