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Mission Statement

At IQRA University, our mission is to become a world-class institution of higher education and research, dedicated to fostering technical skills, critical thinking, and a sense of public duty. We strive to contribute towards the development of a prosperous and progressive society.

Core Values


Respecting all at work place irrespective of designation, color, cast and religion. Every person is being treated with dignity in a fair manner in all the situations.


Promoting the culture of merit in faculty, staff and students. Practicing the meritocracy in all the situations related to both internal and external stakeholders.


Demonstrating the courtesy and politeness towards each member of internal and external community. Remain humble


Striving for excellence in teaching, research, and service to the students. Follow the international best practices and create a conducive teaching-learning environment.


Ensuring the equality among gender, race, socio-economic class, religion, and ethnic groups to preserve national solidarity and unity.


Encouraging honesty in all forms of personal and organizational communication and interactions.


Stimulating innovation among faculty and students for teaching, research, and service. Emphasis is made on creating an entrepreneurial mindset among the internal community.



Creating an enabling environment to encourage dedication with work and studies.

Vision Statement

To transform the lives of youth through world class education at an affordable price.

Vision Statement (Objectives)

  • Develop Leadership

  • Promote Entrepreneurship

  • Promote Advance Learning Methodology

  • Promote Training

  • Promote Lifelong Learning

  • Uphold Islamic Values

  • Promote Industry and University interaction

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