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Associate Professor  & HOD
Gul Rehman.jpg

Dr. Gul Rehman Elmi

Qualifications:  Pharm D., M.Phil., PhD Scholar

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)

Four to five lines of introduction, preferably written in third person. Dr. Gul Rehman Elmi is a Pharm D graduate from Hamdard University and completed M. Phil in Pharmaceutics from Riphah International University in 2019. Currently He is doing PhD from Riphah International University with research on Magnetic Gold Nanohybrids for Osteoarthritis. He has experience in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry including Sales and marketing in renowned Pharma of Pakistan, the Getz Pharma. Furthermore, he has 4 years teaching experience and working as a permanent faculty at the Department of Pharmacy, Iqra University, Chak Shahzad campus, Islamabad, since last two years.

Zunaria Syed.jpg

Dr. Zunaira Syed

Qualifications:  M.Phil (Pharmacology), Pharm.D

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmacology

Dr. Zunaira Syed is an enthusiastic, skilled and well-motivated pharmacy graduate, seeking a challenging position with opportunities for personal and professional growth. She is able to maintain an exceptional rate of productivity, accuracy and efficiency. Proactive approach with outstanding time-management and organizational abilities to provide exceptional staff support. She has a research article with high-impact factor in international journals

Dr Zainab Qureshi.jpg

Dr. Zainab Qureshi

Qualifications:  MS

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmacognosy

  • Working as an Assistant Professor in Iqra University Chak Shahzad Campus, Islamabad.

  • Worked as an Assistant Professor in Women Institute of Learning Abbottabad

  • Worked as lecturer in Pakistan Institute of Professional Studies Abbottabad.

  • Worked as an internee in Shukat Khanum Memorial Cancer hospital, trainee pharmacist in Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbotabad and Worked as internee in Shifa International Hospital Islamabad.

  • Worked as trainee Pharmacist in different section of production like Tablets, capsule, Dry suspension and Quality control in Benson Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd.

  • Supervised 35 undergratue students in different projects of Clinical pharmacy.

Maria Rasheed.jpg

Dr. Maria Rasheed

Qualifications:  Master in Philosophy

Designation: Lecturer

Dr. Maria Rasheed is working as a lecturer at the Department of Pharmacy IQRA University, Chak Shehzad, Islamabad Campus. She is a silver medalist and roll of honor achiever in MPhil. She has conducted her research at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center. Currently, she has more than twelve publications in high-impact factor international journals.

Ayesha Rasheed.jpg

Dr. Ayesha Rasheed

Qualifications:  MPhil in Pharmacognosy, Pharm D

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmacognosy

Dr. Ayesha Rasheed is now serving as a Lecturer, contributing her expertise and passion to the academic realm. With a background in Pharmacognosy, Ayesha is dedicated to creating an engaging and supportive learning environment. Her commitment to academic excellence, coupled with a fervor for teaching, makes her an invaluable asset in guiding students through their educational journey.

Serash Ali.jpg

Sehrish Ali

Qualifications:  M phill pharmaceutics

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmaceutics


Saba Gul .jpg

Dr. Saba Gul

Qualifications:  Master in philosophy

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Pharmaceutics

Dr.Saba Gul is lecturer at Pharmacy Department. She has obtained her Pharm-D degree from Hamdard University Islamabad Campus. She has obtained her Master in philosophy in Pharmaceutics from Riphah International University, Islamabad. She has conducted her research on topic Formulation and evaluation of simvastatin emulgel for anti-inflammatory and diabetic wound healing effects

Ayesha Umar.jpg

Ayesha Umer

Qualifications:  M phill Pharmaceutics, PHD scholar

Designation: Senior lecturer

Specialization: Pharmaceutics


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