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Nursing Diploma  Lady Health Visitor

Learning Outcomes 

  • Provide Maternal and Child Health care

  • Assist in safe childbirth practices and postnatal care for mothers and newborns

  • Administer childhood vaccinations and maintain immunization records

  • Educate couples on family planning methods and birth control options

  • Educate parents on infant and child care, nutrition, and growth monitoring.

  • Exhibit professionalism and empathy in healthcare delivery


Job Market 

  • Rural and Underserved Areas: These areas have a consistent need for LHVs to provide essential healthcare services.

  • Public and Private Sector Opportunities: LHVs can find employment in both the public and private healthcare sectors. Public sector opportunities are available through government health programs, while private clinics and hospitals may also hire LHVs for maternal and child health services.

  • Maternal and Child Health Centers: LHV positions can be found in maternal and child health centers, where they provide antenatal care, postnatal care, family planning services, and child healthcare services.

  • Health Education and Awareness: LHVs are also involved in health education and awareness programs, which may include educating communities about hygiene, family planning, and nutrition.

  • Continuous Demand: The demand for LHVs remains steady because of Pakistan's population size and the ongoing need for maternal and child healthcare services.

Entry Criteria 

FSc Pre-medical 45% (Physic, Chemistry, and biology as compulsory subjects)


Matric:   45% (Physic, Chemistry, and biology as compulsory subjects)

Fee Structure 

Course Name:Lady Health Visitor
2 years 
Admissions Fee:
Rs 50000
Semester Fee
Rs 48000
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