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Nursing Diploma  Community Midwifery

Learning Outcomes 

  • Provide comprehensive prenatal care, including monitoring the health of pregnant women and assessing fetal well-being.

  • Assist in safe and supportive childbirth practices.

  • Provide postpartum care to mothers and newborns.

  • Recognize signs of neonatal distress and provide immediate care.

  • Educate couples on family planning methods and birth control options.

  • Collaborate with local health organizations to improve community health.

  • Promote health education and awareness in the community.

  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and competence in providing care to diverse populations.


Job Market 

  • Rural and Underserved Areas:  Community midwives are particularly in demand in rural and underserved areas where access to healthcare facilities is limited.

  • Public Sector Opportunities: Community midwives can find employment in the public sector, working in government healthcare facilities, primary health centers, and maternal and child health programs.

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): Many NGOs and international organizations run maternal and child health programs in various countries. Community midwives are often employed by these organizations to provide healthcare services and education in communities.

  • Home Birth and Community Birth Settings: Some community midwives choose to work in home birth settings or birthing centers in the community, providing care to women who prefer giving birth outside of a hospital environment.

  • Collaboration with Obstetricians and Hospitals: Community midwives may also collaborate with obstetricians and hospitals, offering their services as part of a care team in cases of high-risk pregnancies or complications.

  • Continuous Demand: The demand for community midwives remains relatively stable due to the ongoing need for maternal and newborn healthcare services.

Entry Criteria 

Gender: Only female

Applicant must meet one of the following:

Matric:   45% (Physic, Chemistry, and biology) or 45%  ARTS 

Fee Structure 

Course Name:
Diploma Community Midwife
2 years 
Admissions Fee:
Rs 50000
Semester Fee
Rs 48000
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