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Hajra Bibi
Assistant Professor  & HOD
Hajra BiBi.jpg

Hajra Bibi

Qualifications:  MSN, MAS, PRN, RN, RM

Designation: Assistant Professor/Head of Department, Nursing

Specialization: Nursing Education

Bibi Hajira, a dedicated educator, and head of the nursing department, passionately advances nursing education through groundbreaking research. Her commitment to fostering an environment of excellence and collaboration is evident in her leadership, pushing the boundaries of conventional practices. Bibi's vision is to elevate nursing education, equipping students with essential skills and contributing to the growth of the healthcare profession.

Rubina Namat.jpg

Rubina Namat

Qualifications:  Post RN B.Sc. N

Designation: Lecturer

Background Summary: Ms. Rubina is a dedicated Nursing Lecturer with a profound passion for healthcare profession with a background enriched by extensive clinical experience. She brings a wealth of practical knowledge into her teaching methodlology.


Samabia Abdul Subhan

Qualifications:  BSN

Designation: Lecturer

Samabia Abdul Subhan, a seasoned nursing lecturer, possesses a diverse background rooted in both clinical expertise and academic proficiency. With years of experience in healthcare settings, She is seamlessly integrates practical knowledge into her teaching approach, fostering a dynamic and insightful learning environment.Her commitment to the excellence in nursing education continues to inspire and shape the aspirations of future healthcare professionals.

Muhammad Mubashar.jpg

Muhammad Mubashar

Qualifications:  PRN BSN

Designation: Lecturer

Specialization: Critical Care Nursing

Muhammad Mubashar, lecture Nursing Graduate in nursing, recently joined department of nursing Iqra University. He is well experienced both in teaching and clinical area. He is dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of nursing.

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