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BS Radiology Technology

The aim of the 4 years degree program in Radiology is to skills, techniques and ethical values to enable them to apply their acquired expertise at a level between the doctors and the patient for efferent health service delivery.

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Learning Outcomes 

  • Provide quality patient care in routine as well as advanced imaging procedures.

  • Use digital imaging and information technology equipments competently, through application of the principal and theories of its operation. Evaluate performance characteristics of equipments.

  • Implement effective radiation protection program.

  • Apply the knowledge of sectional anatomy to relate clinical procedures.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of exposure selection and image processing, and an ability to apply this knowledge.

  • Apply the principal of management, organization behavior, supervision, budgeting, human recourse management and labor relations in a medical imaging relation environment.

  • Enhance human interaction and performance in a clinical environment by integrating liberal education principles

Job Market 

There are numerous and diversified career areas one can pursue after completing BS Radiology Technology. 

  • Radiology demonstrator

  • Radiation therapist

  • Radiographer

  • MRI technologist

  • Nuclear medicine technologist

  • Bone densitometry technologist

  • Mammographer

  • CT technologist

  • Cardiac interventional technologist

  • Vascular interventional technologist

Entry Criteria 

50% marks in HSSC (Pre-Medical or Equivalent). 

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