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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to excel in the dynamic field of nursing. Our curriculum combines a strong foundation in the sciences with specialized nursing courses, providing a well-rounded education that prepares graduates for the challenges and opportunities of modern healthcare.


Learning Outcomes 

  • Demonstrate the clinical judgment necessary for provision of safe, evidence-based nursing care that improves health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

  • Demonstrate use of information management and client care technology that supports the provision of safe, quality nursing care.

  • Demonstrate leadership principles that support effective health care delivery (Leadership).

  • Demonstrate effective interprofessional communication and collaboration that contributes to safe, quality, team-based care.

  • Model professional values (ethical, moral, and legal tenets), including care of self, that are inherent in the practice of nursing.

Job Market 

  • Strong demand: Consistent and growing demand for BSN graduates.

  • Diverse employment settings: Opportunities in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, and more.

  • Expanded roles and responsibilities: BSN graduates have increased autonomy and decision-making authority.

  • Advancement opportunities: BSN degree as a foundation for pursuing MSN and PhD in nursing.

  • Competitive salaries: Higher earning potential compared to lower-level nursing credentials.

  • Job stability: Nursing offers long-term career prospects and security.

  • Opportunities for specialization: BSN graduates can specialize in various nursing fields.

  • Professional growth: Staying current, networking, and pursuing development opportunities enhance job prospects.

Entry Criteria 

50% marks in HSSC (Pre-Medical or Equivalent). 

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