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BS English 


BS English program balances a strong grounding in English Literature, with a well-rounded foundation in English linguistics, offering students the best of both fields. It opens the door to the mastery of language to create, transform and enhance communication. By studying literary texts from a wide genres and periods, and developing insight into current linguistic theories and pedagogies, the graduates of this program become creative writers, critical thinkers, and proficient readers with an informed and independent worldview. They can build a successful career in the fields of teaching, publishing, journalism, advertising, and events management.

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Learning Outcomes 

After completing the program, a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the conceptual understanding of key English language, linguistics, and literature topics

  • Critically evaluate and analyze the English Language curriculum

  • Be able to apply online and face-to-face language teaching pedagogy

  • Critically analyze the pertaining language teaching methodologies and assessment in the educational institutions

  • Develop curriculum and unit/lesson plans, teach them and reflect on their teaching to conceptualize what help or hinder students to develop their language skills

  • Engage in classical, contemporary and modern literature

  • Engage in academic and applied research in the field of the science of language

Job Market 

  • Teaching, writers, government officers, administrators, educators

  • Copy writers, editors, news anchor, trainer, translator, interpreter

Entry Criteria 

2nd Division (45%) in HSSC or Equivalent.

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