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BS Accounting and Finance 


Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance (BSAF) is designed to enable students to cope successfully with the challenges of a rapidly evolving global business and financial environment. The degree provides a strong foundation for a successful career in accounting and finance and prepares students for higher studies. Teaching methodologies include lectures, interactive class discussions, case studies, article presentations, projects, reports, industrial trips, seminars, workshops and guest speakers.

Learning Outcomes 


  • Explain core concepts in business and related disciplines

  • Demonstrate interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in groups and teams

  • Analyze business and related problems and formulate optimal solutions

  • Communicate through oral and written means by using appropriate technology

  • Identify and implement business opportunities and ideas

  • Exhibit work ethics and promote sustainable development goals

Job Market

The BS (Accounting & Finance) is a highly specialized degree, preparing the graduate as having expertise in Accountancy and Finance. Roles related to an Accounting & Finance degree include:

  • Accounting technician

  • Chartered accountant

  • Investment banker

  • Stockbroker

  • Tax adviser

  • Actuary

  • Data analyst

  • Retail banker

Entry Criteria 

2nd Division (45%) in HSSC or Equivalent.

Fee Structure 

Course Name:
BS Accounting & Finance
4 years (8 semesters)
Admissions Fee:
Rs 12000.00
Fee per Credit Hrs
Rs 6200.00
Total Credit Hrs
1st Semester Fee
Rs 105000.00
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