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BBA Bachelor of Business Administration


Students joining this program will be taught and trained in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Information will enable them to become successful members Technology which of any business organization. This is a broad-based, four-year degree program, which has been specifically designed to train the students to cope with an ever-changing business world. Teaching methodologies include interactive class discussions, case studies, article resentations, projects, reports, industrial trips, seminars, workshops and guest speakers. Mandatory internships offer students an opportunity to experience of the real world of business. Thus, the students will emerge as well-rounded individuals with experience not only in the intricacies of the business world but in the practicalities of life as well.

Learning Outcomes 


  • Explain core concepts in business and related disciplines

  • Demonstrate interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in groups and teams

  • Analyze business and related problems and formulate optimal solutions

  • Communicate through oral and written means by using appropriate technology

  • Identify and implement business opportunities and ideas

  • Exhibit work ethics and promote sustainable development goals

Job Market

There is a vast spectrum of jobs for the BBAs across the globe in a number of fields such as accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain and management. BBA degrees prepare students to enter into the business world.

Entry Criteria 

2nd Division (45%) in HSSC or Equivalent.

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