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Associate Degree in Commerce


An Associate Degree in Commerce is a two year under graduate degree offered by the Department of Business Administration. The program is designed to give its students hands on experience to cover all aspects of Commerce field. Practical training in industry has been made an integral part of the scheme to acquaint the student with the current industry practices. An effective blend of teaching methodologies has been synchronized with the course requirements to ensure the effective learning and development.

Learning Outcomes 

After completing the program, a student will be able to:

  • Understanding of the basic concepts pertaining to trade and commerce.

  • Ability to solve complex numerical problems.

  • Ability to understand the laws and regulations pertaining to businesses.

  • Understanding the contemporary trends in the business

Entry Criteria 

Intermediate or equivalent.

Fee Structure 

Course Name:
ADP in Commerce
2 years (4 semesters)
Admissions Fee:
Rs 12000.00
Fee per Credit Hrs
Rs 6200.00
Total Credit Hrs
1st Semester Fee
Rs 105000.00
Functional English
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Mathematics
Fundamentals of Management
Professional Writing
Islamic Studies
Introduction to Health and Life Sciences
Financial Accounting Principles
Pakistan Studies
Communication Skills
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Fundamentals of Marketing
Business Law
Introduction to Economics
Banking & Finance
Ethics and Social Responsibility
Introduction to statistics
Cost Accounting
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