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Admission Procedure

Admissions are based upon careful review of all credentials presented by the applicant. These applications will be considered without regard to race, gender, age, religion, marital status, physical disabilities, and national origin. All required admission documents should be submitted to the Office of Admissions. The University reserves the right to change its admissions policy without prior notice.


The candidate must have one of the following qualifications with an overall 2nd division or equivalent grade:


For the Bachelor’s Program

  1. Intermediate with certain required courses according to the chosen discipline of study.

  2. For A-levels students, the following criteria applies:

    1. 3 full credit courses of A Levels or equivalent provided that the student has completed all the requirement of O level or equivalent.

    2. All O & A level students are required to submit equivalent certificate within one month after admission.


For Standing Admissions (Transfer Students)
All potential students applying for transfer of credits must have been enrolled in an HEC recognized institution. Furthermore, they are required to fulfill and complete all admission requirements for their respective program. The following criteria will be used to assess the academic eligibility of transfer students:

  1. Duly completed Transfer of Credit form.

  2. Mark sheets/transcripts of current and previous academic work

  3. Course outlines for all courses that a student wants to be transferred.

All potential candidates are required to take the admission examination, unless they are transferring from another campus of Iqra University. For further information please refer to the academic policies.


Transfer Students
Credit for course work completed at another institution of higher learning is made solely at the discretion of Iqra University. The evaluation of any course work from another institution or organization will be based only on an official transcript and compatibility of course syllabus from the institution originally offering the course work. The following policies apply to all transfer students:

  1. Credit is not given for grades lower than a C+ or below 67%.

  2. Prospective transfer students must complete Iqra University’s entrance requirements.

  3. Grades from other institutions are not included in the calculation of Iqra University’s grade point average.

  4. Remedial, vocational, technical, highly specialized and personal development courses are not accepted for credit.

  5. All transfer courses from Polytechnic Institutions and foreign community colleges will be reviewed individually by the Head of the Department.

  6. For Transfer students, a maximum of 50% of coursework can be transferred

  7. Specialization courses at the Graduate level are not transferable to Iqra University.

Some academic programs have additional requirements for transfer students beyond general University policy. Students are advised to check with the Heads of Department to determine the acceptability of credit from other institutions. The Head of the Department determines applicability of transfer credit to a student’s academic curriculum.


Rs. 1,500/- for the application packet can be paid in cash. If requested by post, the fee should be sent in the form of Bank Draft in favour of Iqra University Islamabad Chak Shahzad. Application form can be downloaded from the official Website of Iqra University ( Application must be submitted before the deadline.


Required Documents at the time of Admission
The following documents are required to be submitted at the time of Admission:

  1. Mark sheets of all previously completed academic work.

  2. If a candidate has completed previous academic work from another education system, an Equivalence Certificate from the Inter Board Chairman Committee is required.

  3. 4 passport size photographs.

  4. Roll number slip of previously appeared exam(in case of result awaiting students).

  5. Copy of National Identity Card and/or Form B.

  6. Copy of Father’s National Identity Card.


Admissions Test
The admissions test are divided into three sections:

  1. Quantitative Analysis or Biology 

  2. Analytical Reasoning 

  3. English

  4. General Knowledge 

Iqra University provides students with all the necessary stationary for test, thus students don’t need to bring anything along with them. Any violation of instructions, including the prohibition of using calculators, will result in automatic disqualification of the candidate.


Student Orientation Program
All new students admitted to the university are required to attend an Orientation program. This program provides the students with information regarding the university’s academic and administrative policies, procedures, facilities, services, responsibilities and student code of conduct.

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